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Sunday, October 18, 2009

iWish Droid luck.

While it hasn’t been released yet, the Verizon-enabled Droid seeks to take on the iPhone. After watching the commercial go from peppy, upbeat Mac-like minimalist chic to I Am Legend creepiness, all it has to do now is... go out and do what it says. Another* David goes after Goliath with a positioning based on what Goliath can’t do. While hoping to gain some AT&T haters, that may not be enough.

If customer complaints are any indication, Apple’s partnership with AT&T may be the biggest mistake Jobs made with the iPhone, but that can change. Apple hates competition, and even though they chose AT&T as their exclusive U.S. carrier, AT&T offers the Blackberry with Windows Mobile software. You can argue this might be a non-issue, but you’re not iGod. How long before Cupertino looks for a new wireless carrier?

But must-have features are a little harder to get right. Is it enough to be first anymore? Probably not, even though the iPhone name is perfect in retrospect. When you create what others play off of, you already win. Cool matters too. (Cheaper helps too, but cool seals the deal.) To that end, what iDo see is a video on YouTube with 4.5 million views from a community inspired by the cool Jobs builds into his designs. Apple’s stuff feels natural, organic, right.

Not robotic, like a... Droid.

* Dell plans to release their iPhone challenger using Google’s Android operating system in early 2010.

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phillybikeboy said...

Was going with AT&T a mistake? Remember, the reason Apple didn't go with Verizon is because Verizon wouldn't relinquish their stupid control-freak mentality over phones on their network. Want to do anything cool with your phone from apps to custom ringtones? You had to buy them from Verizon. After a couple dealings with Verizon's "you can't do that with your phone" customer service, I went with AT&T and been quite happy. It's funny to now see Verizon jump on the "it's your phone" bandwagon after fighting it for so long.