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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Michelin announces stunning breakthrough.

No, I meant a PR release that still has me stunned. Specifically:

“Michelin has decided to launch an unconventional global campaign to explain to consumers the benefits of using its tires. ... [t]he brand has chosen a 3-D animated presentation for its new advertising campaign. ... It features Bibendum – the famed Michelin Man – in an animated world. As ambassador of the Michelin brand, he comes to the aid of motorists in trouble, replacing their faulty tires with Michelin tires that he pulls from his body, thereby enabling them to keep driving.”

And the unconventional part? Um, it’s a TV spot and print. ... and an “enhanced digital strategy.” (Read: a YouTube channel and website.)

I give up.


darryl ohrt said...

Saw the same release, and just laughed. Apparently the CG effects make it "digital" work.

wpofd said...

Complete and total ripoff of the "Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head" by the Gorillaz.

See for yourself:

dubsak said...

You're missing the most important part of any digital puzzle, the Facebook Fan page–complete with the awkward link copy "Fan me on Facebook". Bold.