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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get the door, it’s time for a real party.

Okay that line sucked, but here’s something different to go with your wings. Well, not for the family per se, but if, you’re single. French pizza chain La Boite a Pizza (say it with me: Lah-Bwhat-Ah-Pizza) are delivering more than pizza and soda: Condoms! Not just any, but Manix brand. From the Latin word Men I suppose.(Although primarily a French company, La Boite also have a U.S. location in Miami and are planning an excursion into China.)

It’s not the first time that social causes mixed with pizza: Last year in France, Domino’s ran a promotion with a CD, poster, t-shirt and condom, all in a funky box design. While this could be the kind of thing that might only run on college campuses here, mainstream American consumers and family households generally don’t mix pizza night with talks on STDs. (I prefer a margherita pizza sans latex.)

Still, even if it was just targeted to colleges, you know some religious group would protest because “Pizza Promotes Promiscuity!” And here in this case I thought it was trying to prevent creationism.

(Via luckthelady.)

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warren said...

"Manix" could also be a play on "manic", which I presume some people are when using their condoms.