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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I just want LinkedIn to do one thing.

The Girl Riot went off on this week’s AdVerve about LinkedIn now integrating with Twitter. She went off on a bunch of stuff, but, this one echoed what I’m seeing happen and hoped wouldn’t with them: Sites that can’t leave well enough alone and which become feature-laden, as if focusing on their core offering would kill them.

LinkedIn was always all-business, all the time. Boring? Yes. Serious? Yes. Guess what though. I LIKED THAT ABOUT IT.

I wasn’t getting poked.

Nobody was retweeting a connection I made.

There were no cute puppy videos.

I knew when I logged into it that it would keep all that other shit at bay. This was the one place where people in the industry actually met for business, not to exchange pokes. Yes, you can pose questions and discussion topics, but to me, it’s the last bastion of what a professional online community could and should be.

No, I will not buy either the argument “But Twitter is a part of everyone’s day, business or not. Why not integrate.” Why? Because it won’t end there, it never does.

More importantly...


While social media leaders often clog Twitter arteries with issues related to the industry (when they should be loosening up more), LinkedIn lets you know that you’re there for business.

There will be no virtual beers given out today friend—I’ve got a res to update.

So now, LinkedIn lets everyone in to rush the general admission floor. Way to go. Anatomy of a site on the way towards samenosity 3.0?

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rkdarnell said...

I agree with you, Bill. I do like some of the connectivity that LinkedIn has added, like integrating with Wordpress, but filtering-in Twitter feeds seems like it may add more noise than most of us will want to hear there. If we're luckly, maybe LinkedIn will approach it wisely and add a volume control. Cheers! -- RD