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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Powerballs will set you free.

I saw this post on the recent Colorado Powerball spot, and the gist was that life is so bad for suburbians that only Powerball takes you away from it all. I have more of an issue with the demo most lottery spots show rather than the drudgery of being bored. It’s not only people in the suburbs who play, yet they mostly seem to be the only demo represented.

As for the aspiration theme, well, that’s what lottery is. In terms of advertising clich├ęs, the “What if?” theme is king because that’s what the little voice in your head says, regardless of the actual odds of winning. As for Powerball in particular, the award show fodder of actual giant red Powerball doing gianty things is Queen. (Sometimes, it just sits there, too)

What if though, is why people play: Risk > reward for possibly changing your life forever? It’s worth a buck! (x 52 weeks x the rest of your life = hooked.) Then there are the oddities. Ray Charles? Baby What I Play. (I KID. Sorta.)Lotterywest takes that view to new world-changing heights in beautiful spot that could be for... well, any product actually. Oklahoma has a businessman running around in fields with bad themes like “Winner” and “Success” from Getty images’ discount bin. Look at Iowa with Superheroes™! Watch out for sharp knives and shipping labor in crates Oregon while DC goes with the old school tar and feathers.

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