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Monday, November 2, 2009

Susan G. Everywhere.

In the many Ad Age columns about brands and marketers of the year, Susan G. Komen never seems to be in the discussion. Komen’s been around since 1982, but only in this decade do they seem to be mentioned everywhere now. You’re doing something right as a movement though when you get the NFL to wear pink. (I’d seen players and refs wearing the color on Monday night games along with the players as part of the NFL’s support during October, and immediately thought breast cancer.)

And they say branding doesn’t work!

They’d sold merchandise at a few games I’ve gone to also, but this was the first time they got what had to be a hybrid earned-paid media mention—for three hours on primetime. (Even if the refs did come off looking like Good and Plenty boxes)

I liked the approach though to appeal to guys at the game, and always thought that would make a good pitch to our baser instincts, protect the things we love most and such. This past September, a series of spots came out, one with just that theme, but “handled” about as deftly as a guy on his first date fumbling for... well, you know. The other from Yoplait, focused on self-exams. (There’s still room in the cause to focus on getting guys to talk to their significant others to raise further awareness.)

Regardless, there are a boatload of causes around, but Komen seems to do an amazing job of seemingly being everywhere and tying in with everyone, both big and small, and without the help of Bono. As an example, last week I got my usual email specials list from a digital printer I’ve used on small jobs before, and even they were running a promotion to donate to Komen.

At this rate, I’m amazed they haven’t found their way onto the side of a shuttle. Looks like they’re getting closer though.

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