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Monday, November 9, 2009

Wanted: Social Media Czar.

Compensation: Peasant. Saw this listing on Talent Zoo and had to share with my audience. I just had to!


Social Media Specialist – Freelance / Virtual

Our company is looking for a smart and experienced professional to serve as our Social Media Specialist. Since 1996, our company has united qualified professionals with top hiring companies. Over the years, our services expanded to include a leading career website where visitors post and find jobs and share advertising and media news, trends, and hot topics.

In this role, you will be deeply involved (obsessed really) with social networks, blogging, and online communities. You should understand the integration of social media from a marketing, customer care and public relations perspective, have experience monitoring and posting online, and be able to help develop overall strategies and rapid response plans and procedures. You will create buzz and excitement about our company in a smart and strategic way using good judgment and diplomacy.


Daily updates and monitoring of our social media pages & accounts

Regular monitoring of external social networks & blogs pertaining to our industry.

Responsible for all posts/comments on particular topics or in response to other posts/comments

Constantly communicate constructive and innovating suggestions on how to use social media tools/sites to increase our voice to market.

Required Competencies/Skills:

Bachelor’s degree required or comparable experience.

Experience in marketing, preferably utilizing social network tools and platforms to achieve clear business objectives.

Familiarity with developing and maintaining social media networks and relationships.

A subject matter expert on social media tools — knows them, has used them all, understands differences, benefits, etc – and has ability and patience to educate internal audiences.

Major passion for this as a day-to-day job and will think creatively about how to use these tools and will proactively seek out new tools as they come onto the radar (e.g., Unisfair, Mozes, etc.).

Excellent communication skills; ability to work with multiple contributors at various levels.

Public relations experience, a plus. Planning and developing strategy around campaigns.

[ The best part ]

The position begins immediately; 2 hours/day; $10-12/hour, DOE.


A whole $12? Hmmm. I don’t know. I might have to think about it. The office of Czar doe sound like a lofty title. And it is tempting, the chance to work virtually, in my pajamas. I mean, “Planning and developing strategy around campaigns” for $12 an hour does seem fair, and maybe I shouldn’t complain... in times like these.

Yeah. I’m gonna apply. I mean, blogging qualifies me, right?

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