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Saturday, November 7, 2009

What did Brown do to you?

Damn FedEx, were they late with a delivery to Memphis? (Oh!) Mentioning a competitor is tricky. Okay when you’re lagging behind trying to piggyback on the popularity of the category* leader, but not sure if mudslinging is the ideal way to go on Brown Bailout. (LOOK AT ME WITH A BROWN REFERENCE.)

I like brands that move beyond the planned campaigns they have for the year and do guerilla, quick-hit PR type stuff, like the contest aspect of this where FedEx will give out their own “bailout” money. It doesn’t feel right though to take it further and call out your competitor on top of that, lest they fire back with an anti-union shot across the bow. Oh wait, you guys already did.

It’s a move Ford could easily have pulled in recent advertising by referencing the bailout money that GM and Chrysler took, but instead, they took the high road. (I can’t be stopped with the puns.)

Instead, customers and those who watch the industry do it for them every chance they get. *rasies hand* Here though, FedEx just hammers UPS, and not just their bailout decision, but the campaign from Martin even comes under fire. (Check out a money you could be saving poke in the trailer there.)

*Sales figures for 2008 in billions: USPS–$75, UPS–$51 and FedEx–$38.5.

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