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Thursday, December 3, 2009

But wait, there’s more...

– Vodka in pill form. (Via.)
– Door to Hell.
– Boner/Bone loss tops pharma consumer spending.
– Velvet Ultraman.
– Score with a hot Brazilian for a 7-Eleven hot Brazilian.
– G.I. Navajo.
– Solar Tsunamis.
– Punching Jesus in the face.
– The late Mr. Pop-up.
– Pikey translator.
– Ketel One redux.
– Camels for Christmas.
– I’ll have what she’s having.
– Walk it off.
– Jesus-tested, Jesus-approved.
– Hair-larious.
– Be on the lookout for the Twitter Three.
– Two scoops, one girl.
– Nestle says no to Fox.
– You stay classy, Wisconsin.
– Microsoft Designs the iPod.
– DNA dating site. Yep. Pick ’em before you (blank) ’em.
– 3D guy marries 2D girl. All I can say is: prenup.

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