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Friday, December 11, 2009

Overheard Internet.

Cool, honest and sad. Brought to you by the internet. In an unedited B-roll, straight to your monitor kinda way...

Sometime soon the normal heterosexual, religious, hardworking people in this country are going to say enough with the loud and vulgar left. We're going to lock them out of the social circles and media and we'll find out that those weirdos are only 2% of the population. Let the 98% have the country back.
How much more of the left-based hatred against religion, normal sexual relations, gender roles, men, and moral absolutes are people going to take? It's like we're all trapped in a horrible dream. Time to wake up and clean up society's fall into athiesm, self-love, sexual perversion, and money-worship. Let's start speaking up as loudly as the perverts. Start boycotting TV shows that are left leaning and the products that advertise on them. Let people call you "racist" "hateful" and a "bigot", but don't give the advertisers your money and make it very clear that you won't buy products that advertise on left leaning TV shows or news broadcasts. Flex your muscles! Go see avatar because it supports normal gender roles.


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 dont have jobs.”

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