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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Power of the Invisible Sun.

Speaking of Sting! For real though, I happened to come across a random clip of him talking about what I thought was another cause and while it is, it’s still pretty cool. Photographer Bobby Sager had been shooting images of kids in war-torn countries with his family and came up with simple concept: Rather than trying to stop war, he promotes peace through an indestructable soccer ball (futbol to the non-heathens).

Instead of the typical ball made from garbage strung together, kids get something that lasts a lot longer. (Image above.) That’s what kids do right? Make a ball out of anything. Power of the Invisible Sun is Sting getting behind the effort to create these scocer balls that can withstand just about anything. (No need for air, etc.) Check out the film clip here though to hear the full background. There’s also a raw clip of Sting talking about Bobby and his approach here before an acoustic version of the song.

(You can also buy the book that donates a ball here.)

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