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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There’s never a red delicious on the subway when you need one.

Hokay. Good cause. Cool concept. Non-profit City Harvest shows how much food people waste in New York City each day: 270,000 pounds. Could be any food falling out, but, apples will do. (It’s a different take from their animated suicidal cabbage campaign.) First, billing it as shot entirely on an iPhone camera is a stretch given the cgi at work here. A non-profit > that much cgi > agency’s annual PSA award show budget > do the math. (See the making of here with amazing Moderat track!)

Second, not just here, but I absolutely HATE the feigned reaction of actors in spots* these days. That shit just gives it away. (Yes, apples don’t just jump out of subway cars, but the effects were so good, it looked like a cool stunt someone would actually try. Why ruin it with bad acting? And then, you hope it's cgi because food recovery > lotta wasted apples > disconnected brand message.) But check out Truth for the real reaction thing.

(Agency: Draft.) Follow City Harvest on Twitter. (Via.)

*Cutting back on my use of the V-word for the holidays.

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Jetpacks said...

A lot of work ruined by the casting. Easily could've improved it by eliminating those stupid lines. "Whoa! What IS this? Are you getting this?"