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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Tiger Woods rider covers you against flood, fire and random acts of skankiness from waitresses who won’t shut up on TMZ.

Heh, heh. He said “rider.” Well, why shouldn’t insurance reps exploit Tiger’s fun. While hush money or personal insurance for the wealthy is nothing new, risk management and insurance brokerage firm DeWitt Stern is claiming to now offer the first-ever Reputation Risk Insurance meant to protect the policy holder against:

“Lost sales, crisis management fees, lost advertising campaign expenses, and pre-committed and incurred endorsement fees.”

While it may be hard to guess just exactly what a Gatorade endorsement loss might mean down the road, I’m guessing Tiger would’ve at least recouped some if it now. This variation on a theme is nothing new though. (Before the NFL draft, some players figuring to go in the top 10 take out insurance policies against injury. See Willis McGahee and one of the nastiest 90° knee redirects you will ever see.)

Yes, that’s an on the field injury, but, no endorsements for athletes on the sidelines kids. Still, athletes and celebs take hits from almost anywhere now. Basically, it appears as if this policy allows you to be a worry-free douche regardless of morals clauses and sponsors who might walk over said douchery. (Guessing Jon could’ve used this.)


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