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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Because the Amish need love too.

Hey, don’t hat... judge, lest yee be judged. Time to visit a few new sites in case you need “company” this weekend.

1) The Amish site above is likely not real, but, I can dream. I’m not signing up to find out though, lest black buggies start showing up in the middle of the night. (Amish conspiracy fetish I have—don’t ask.)

2) Single? Hipster? (Redundant?) Makeoutclub!

3) For those without that pesky first-date sex agenda.

4) Algebra teachers need love too. Because nobody understands better why Bobby can’t figure out what the fucking x in f(x) = 3x-1 is the way another stressed-out, over-caffeinated substitute teacher can.

5) From Nebraska? Then stay there. Only humidity-loving club freaks need apply.

6) Were you the only one in college who knew Ricardo Montalban was the only actor on Star Trek to ever play the same role in both the orginal series and movie? Now you’re not.

7) In case Trekkies reject you, Geeks always have a backup.

8) A night of atheist passion with that special someone as you both scream out “HIGHER POWER, HIGHER POWER.”

9) Cougar hunters, your wait is over.

10) Every Sugar Daddy needs a Sugar Baby for, you know, a mutually beneficial relationship.

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