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Monday, January 4, 2010

Because you like Top 10 lists with the word "Hot" in them.

Shout out to AdVerve partner in crime Angela Natividad for three new things.

She’s now contributing to Vanksen’s Culture Buzz blog, a cool marketing thang over in Le France. Been reading it for some time and it’s got nice coverage of stuff others don’t. So if you missed her on AdRants, get yee to there.

Second: She’s now become Chief Marketing Officer for a dot com in Paris called Hypios. (Details here.)

Tres: For Top 10 Hotness, internet open source sexologist Violet Blue has compiled a list of Top 10 Sexy Geeks for 2010, and hers truly makes it on the list. Don’t hate, you want to be on the list—I can hear it in your voice. And if you wanna hear more of her voice, well, there’s always AdVerve with me. Stop nursing the hangovers and catch up on all the episodes you missed! Especially our current Year Endness episode.

Why, the ungrateful lot of you.

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