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Friday, January 29, 2010

But wait, there’s more...

– Part of me hoped this was true.
– Neon. Vegas. Museum. No-brainer.
– Feeling fierce.
– After you’re done there, the windows need cleaning.
– Craftsman, golfsman.
– Juxtaposing Bad, er, good.
– The obligatory iPad Post.
– “Doctors always welcome.”
– Amtrak sucks redux.
– Georgians love goats.
– Debutante flashmobs.
– Silicon Alley is dead. Isn’t it?
– The power of Pine-Sol.
– 6 most full of shit jobs.
– Unhappy hipsters. (Via.)
– Augmented reality. The future is so here.
– Snow on the ground.
– What milk & OJ packaging should look like.

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