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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Culture Clash.

I mean, I still have a pristine copy of Sandinista on vinyl and all—closet rebel that I was—but the Clash at the time came off more like they just wanted to disrupt the status quo than having this deeper Bonoesque goal of saving the planet as the trailer suggests. But hey, I’ll wait and see when it comes out.



Steven Stark said...

Looks to me like Tim Robbins has taken the fun out of the fury.

phillybikeboy said...

Interesting there's no mention of Television, The Ramones, The Voidoids and any number of the other bands that predated were long on fury, but short on social agenda. For every group that had anything like a larger purpose, there was a Buzzcocks, or Sham 69, or Misfits out there bringing the noise. It's best to not over think a wrecking ball.