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Monday, January 18, 2010

Don’t forget the coffee mug too.

Was thinking that if Martin Luther King were around today, he might likely have already run for public office, maybe not, but one thing’s for sure, his website would have every conceivable way to connect with him on every social networking site going. A killer huge red “Donate now” button right at the top too. A mousepad to make you feel a little closer to him. And what better way than by touching his face—if with just a mouse. For all the talk though, well-deserved or not, of how the Obama campaign used social media to build grassroots support (is there any other kind), Martin Luther seems to have connected with people using none of that. Meaning? Not sure, just trying to write something deep since Google’s MLK logo wasn’t quite doing it for me.

My work here is done—for now.

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