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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope 1.0 needs an update.

Maybe listen to a Domino’s focus group or two—and take them up on... a suggestion or two.

Continuing my “Anything is a brand” mindset, Hope 1.0 needs an upgrade if it ever wants to sniff a second term. Regardless of what President Obama campaigned on, I always thought he took on way too much, way too soon. You can apply “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” logic here in several ways.

First, it’s true, *some* things were broken and needed fixing—just not everything at once. Second, the country is figuratively broke in terms of spending, if not literally. How can it afford to fix everything on the list? Lastly, the current administration gameplan seems broken now that Nancy waved a white flag.

Look, disregard the Brown victory in Massachuesetts. That’s just teabaggers giddy over a perceived referendum on healthcare, even though they’re blind to the power trip all politicians are on, red or blue. (If anything, his victory shows the fickle nature of the indies which neither side seems to know how to court for too long, but which are key in the 52%-48% election results passing for *majority* rule lately.)

My tech support suggestion: Right now, look at it like the end of the first quarter and you’re down 14-0. Regroup, take a break and don’t listen to all the fans, just the majority who seem to be saying the same thing: Focus on the running game (jobs) and get back in this. Table healthcare for now and take away the ammo from the right. Instead, build the economy, something they won’t be against, then come back and win support next year.

See? Easy! Or maybe it’s just me.


Paul McEnany said...

2 things.

If they table health care - dude, who the hell would pick that hot potato back up? They don't have the spines for that, so that's as good as calling it done.

And on jobs-Building the economy everybody is for, but I can't imagine there will be too many compromises once we get past that general goal either, unless of course he just chooses to do exactly what the 'publicans want.

And a third thing for good measure, Reagan was in a similar position at this time in his Presidency. He kept it rolling and things turned out pretty okay for him. I think the bottom line is that you either believe in something or you don't. And people have more respect for and are more willing to get behind people who fight for the things they believe in.

So - my opinion is that he fights on, or he'll have plenty of time for breathers in 2012.

mtlb said...

But, he's already conceding the point and talking about not giving up that fight, which sounds to me like he's planning on re-evaluating their approach. (For the time being at least.)

Paul McEnany said...

I guess we'll see how it goes. I think they realize if they back off now, they'll get either nothing or far less than they got in the (very centrist) Senate bill.

Bottom line for me, if they literally get through no major priorities past putting out fires with that huge of a majority, then why am I sending them my money? Might as well just sit back and enjoy the ride.