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Friday, January 22, 2010

This amendment brought to you by...

Aka, votes for sale? The Supreme Court decision Thursday allowing corporations and unions to spend whatever they want on political attack ads is huge. It’s a matter of time before some brand backs a candidate. Others may complain that they’re being hit up for donations, but it’s just a question of which brand or corporation crosses the final frontier and throws their logo on a campaign bus. Impossible? Maybe, except for brands like Pepsi, which sure drafted behind the branded Optimism of 2008.

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Cynthia Maniglia said...

If I were Thomas Edison or Mark Twain, I'd have something witty to say about this falderal.

All I can say is ...

I vote for anything Apple endorses.
Or maybe Google.

In the end, the real deal is when the President is a brand. Like Obama. We've got the Clinton Brand, the Obama Brand ... and not to forget the Kennedy Brand. These folks can sell anything. Just 'bout.