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Friday, February 19, 2010

A budget of one: Cost for the U.S. Army to advertise to one soldier in 2009: $22,000.

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Michael the G said...

For 22,000 per I expect hookers made of cocaine.

For 22k per we can send someone to College for 2-and-a-half years (54% of students pay 9500 a year or less for tuition, books, lab fees, etc. Albeit, it ain't Harvard, Or University of Michigan for that matter and it doesn't cover insurance, room and board, transportation etc but you get the point)

For 22k per I could personally fly every high-schooler in the country to D.C. for a tour of the nations capital that's heavy on the "We want YOU! factor.

I mean, you could probably talk Jay-Z (or a similarly wealthy famous person) into going to individual recruits homes for 22K a piece. Figure he spends 30-45 minutes with each, that's what 108K a day easy? Shit, you could probably get those leeches from Jersey Shore to do it for $220 per recruit if you throw in a limo with a stocked bar.

Oh, and that's BEFORE things like enrollment bonuses, MEPS stations, in-school ASVAB testing, and most of the infrastructure (offices, paper, official vehicles, etc are a separate budget item according to DOD and OMB) costs associated with recruiting.

At least they are lowering the budget for next year.

You know what would REALLY help with recruiting drives? Not being in wars without foreseeable ends.