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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Calling all writers of great copy.

Craigslist never disappoints. Ever. Read and enjoy the following, letting the story unfold like a fine cognac, sipped ever so slowly in your den by the light of a roaring fire. Not *too* roaring, but just, roaring enough.

“Evidence.” Ha.

(Emphasis added below.)

Copy writer for great firm (Stamford, CT)

Date: 2010-02-19, 9:47PM EST
Reply to:

We are Mullaney Trust, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm. We manage money for people, affluent people. Our service and the results we provide to our clients is world class and elite; truly extraordinary.
We are a group of wonderful people; yes we are terrific people with wonderful and extraordinary talents, ethics and humanity. And we have a wonderful story to tell. Our story must be told convincingly, with reason, passion and certainty. It must be told in a manner that helps people think, feel, see and discover that their decision to retain Mullaney Trust may be one of the most intelligent and valuable decisions they may make in their lives.
We need a writer and brochure designer that will make our factual financial story come to life. We want a writer that will awaken and excite the reader, the prospective client. We want the prospective client to see our services as a luxury and a necessity at the same time.
If you can show us how you have done that sort of thing for other firms, please send along such evidence. Nothing short of compelling evidence will do.

Thank you for your time. Please send information to

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