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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dr Pepper to blame for stock market crash.

They will be, after this. Know what they used to call flashmobs? Musicals. Okay? Just. Stop. But don’t take my word for, let YouTube have its say:

“After watching this, I’m actually ashamed to work in advertising. Thanks Dr Pepper.”

“@elzibar123 “Love it. Really effective.” Guess who works for the agency. There’s no place to hide elzibar, your client will read the other comments. Oh yes they will.”

“I will never drink Dr Pepper again thanks to this video. How did they go from Guns N Roses to this crap?  Marketing FAIL.”

“Wow, great choice of timing, location and content Dr. Pepper — our economy is doing awesome and Wall Street was not to blame. certainly time for a light-hearted ‘Flashmob’.” Fail.”

Forget GnR, how do you go from Dre to this? I don’t need a brand culture czar, I need a brand common sense czar. Someone who will look at shit before it goes out the door and says you know what? No, sorry, but this doesn’t cut it.

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darryl ohrt said...

What happens when the big agency says "we can do social media."

WPofD said...

Because the NYSE isn't distracted enough.

I so desperately wanted the judges from American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance to taser these fuckers.

runawaytruck said...
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runawaytruck said...

OK, so the chairman's wife has this idea about high school musicals and how they make everyone feel just super and how people would feel better if the stock market was a happy place and her nephew is a really good singer and...that's it!!!
Remind me, what'd we bill on this account last year?
damn...alright, who has a creative team they want to lose?

WPofD said...

This is Glee meets locally-produced commercial.