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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How you like me selling out now?

After finding the NFL-Kia story, I came across the original video for The Heavy’s How You Like Me Now? (the song used in the spot in question). Cool use of animation throughout that doesn’t overpower the band’s neo soul sound, although I’d classify them more as neo funk. But, it brought to mind a discussion we had on a previous episode of AdVerve with Darryl Ohrt about bands selling out. At first, I thought TH was relatively new, and so all of a sudden, here’s a car company using their stuff. Their first release was in 2007 though.

Still relatively young in band years, is this scenario any different from a band that’s had a few hits back in the day which now licenses them 20 years later to anyone with a checkbook? I guess I hate that too often, a hit is used as the centerpiece of the creative with no other real story to help it. I also get the flip side, in that bands work years for just that very thing: Score a record deal, a TV appearance, or get a song in a commercial.

Why shouldn’t they get what they can for their efforts, no?

Fueling this thought is Jack White, now involved from the other end of the spectrum. A White Stripes’ song was used by the Air Force without his permission, so while his rational for supporting the military may be off-base—those who serve don’t get to pick and choose the engagements politicians put them in—he does have a right to protect how and where his music is used.

Even if that includes... selling out. No?

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Old School Player said...

IAin't no sellin' out, just paying the rent.