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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I wanna share my sweet chili sauce with you.

Oh, McDonald’s. Trying so hard to be, well, not really sure anymore. I saw this spot above yesterday, and then saw them going for more inspirational fare today here. Camp? Semi-serious? Pick one. Also, can ya really connect the dots and say McDonald’s should be anywhere near the promotion of elite athletes with fast food? (Sorry McDonald’s corporate is reading, I meant, QSR fare.) Good luck with that.


Michael the G said...

Not Camp. McD's has been doing the "upscale urban aspirational" thing for at least a decade. I suspect the demo in your area means you don't see much of that advertising.(and you don't watch much BET :) I am surprised that the spot has been given national exposure though.

Sidenote on Nutrition: When you are burning 6000 calories a day on a limited budget like most Olympians, it is not just conceivable but probable that fast food (Err, QSR) gets eaten. I know several former US Olympians that swear by Chipotle and Arbys

mtlb said...

Yeeeeah, except that it’s not a luger scoffing down the nuggets, but a playa. If, that’s an Olmpic event. (It may be by now.)

But yeah, the urban thing has been running here for a long time. This is beyond that imo.