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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I’ll get back to ya.

As real ya think it is. According to one blogger, this Wyoming, MN outdoor really is, even though nobody has claimed ownership. No Photoshop here under penalty of swear to God on a stack of bibles. But, since we’re asking a past POTUS hypothetical, screw Bush, I’d vote to bring Teddy Roosevelt back. See what he could do with Mr. VW Punch The West. Harness nuclear energy? HA! We’ve harnessed Jurassic Park™ technology and are currently homegrowing old school Real Man™ leadership somewhere in a secret lab.*

UPDATE: Mystery solved. Sorta.


*Just need to hurry up and invent the super speedy DNA > grows to adult in one day technology first, so none of you axis of evil-doers do anything stupid for, um, a few years, k?

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