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Friday, February 26, 2010

It’s $50,000—what's not to love?

Fellow AdVerver and Hypios marketing czar Angela is involved with a unique self-promotion-slash-contest called A Problem To Love. Hypios is offering up a total of two prizes worth $50,000 ($30 and $20K), to two people who each submit a research problem worth solving. Hence, a contest that fits with what they do: Helping companies solve research & development problems.* (At the risk of being pelted virtually with croissants and French cigarettes, think of it as reversed crowdsourced engineered solutions.)

The entries will be based on complexity but also, their feasibility. People then vote a problem up or down in that digg-like fashion the internet loves. A judging panel comprised of researchers, scientists and engineers will then make the final determination on who wins. (Like, for real scientists. They all have PhDs, which means more letters than me. It also means the C-minus I got in algebra and which kept me out of NASA precludes me from entering.) Similar in tone to Google’s problem-solving job search campaign from a few years ago, this one results in cash—if you’re chosen. The deadline for entries is March14, with voting ending March 21. Check it out.

*Like how to bring the Star Trek phaser to life. I need that, actually.

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