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Monday, February 1, 2010

No hallway can satisfy Beyonce.

A fierce woman deserves a fierce smell, er, fragrance, and Beyonce is launching fierce in a bottle this week. *licks finger, puts on hip* She’s conquered it all people, and now she conquers classic lines like... CATCH THE FEVER.

“Feminine and irresistible, the floral, fruity, woody scent features rare, sensual flowers. Beyoncé Heat opens with a radiant floral bouquet of magnolia, neroli and red vanilla orchid balanced with a kiss of luscious blush peach. At its heart, almond macaroon, sweet honeysuckle nectar and crème de musk combine to create an exquisitely sensual experience. Finally, warm and sexy notes of giant sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber linger to seduce the senses.

But wait, her first fragrance? I thought True Star was supposed to release your inner Beyonce:

“Tommy Hilfiger’s newest scent celebrates all the brilliance, mystery and passion of Beyoncé. With her on-stage electricity, majestic presence and stellar beauty, she is the perfect muse. This spectacular floral-oriental fragrance combines a halo of bright notes with nuances of sweet pea, honeysuckle and toasted wheat grains.”

Which is it! Either she’s fruity and wood-scented, or mysterious and passionate?

1 comment:

MrBrownThumb said...

Do you suppose some creatives were having fun with Beyonce when they pitched this idea?

When I saw the ad the other day I couldn't help but think: "hot dog down a hallway," if you know what I mean.