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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Amazon's stop motion Kindlemania madness!

When will it end, this stop motion madness! Although, I like the more involved animation here over the Gerber spot, and more than the first one in this series. That one was a leetle too happy for my liking. (Here, the song is Stole Your Heart by Marcus Ashley and Annie Little.) Nothing against happy tracks or *happy* in general, and not that I expect Henry Rollins to belt out an endorsement anytime soon, I’m just not a fan of brands entering that airspace without permission. Pretty soon, every product embracing their inner happy risks blending together. And who can stand out in safe vanilla like that, ammirite? Interesting too how yet another brand that long ago defined its category now turns to TV to help spread awareness, rather than announce a product launch. (Add to that list Google, Zappos, eBay and to a lesser degree, second tier brands like Kayak.)

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