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Sunday, March 14, 2010

And you thought MySpace was dead. Wait, it’s MyOuterSpace? Oh.

Sure, Industrial Light & Magic would probably announce their job openings on Twitter, but The Shat is hoping everyone will also have a little Captain in them with the launch of It’s a site for sci-fi fans and creative types to collaborate on yet as undecided projects from... said Shat. Going heavy on the space metaphors, you register your talent on one of several planets. (Creatia? No, he didn’t fight Mothra—that’s for writers and such, bitch.) It’s an interesting idea in that he’s focusing on a film industry niche like sci-fi, but instead of his soup to nuts bio, the site could use some integration with Twitter, Facebook and a host of other social networks. These are the basics any jobs site counts on now for its community to live long and prosper.

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