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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be kind—please rewind.

No, not the pleas of a lapsed tech. Hello Rewind is about as cool a concept as I’ve seen in some time. It does three things at once: Repurposes your old t-shirts into a sleeve for your Macbook while helping employ victims of sex trafficking. That last part doesn’t flow easily, and almost puts a damper on the idea of enjoying an old tee given new life, especially when compared with the suffering of others. But thinking more about it, it embodies exactly what HR wants to do: Give things a second chance. For $49, you send a shirt in, and in about a month, they ship back at no charge, your new sleeve. Considering I spent around $30 on my Incase, and considering the cause, $49 seems fair. (Catch them at SxSW too.)

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