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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just when I lost faith in finding something beautiful on YouTube. The choir was lead by conductor Eric Whitacre and each gave their vocal interpretation of his piece Lux Aurumque. It’s a poem by Edward Esch translated into Latin, then broken down into various choral parts. (It follows his previous work like ‘Sleep’, which seems less involved than this piece.) At first, I thought it had to be remixed digitally to the point of faking some of the parts, but one soloist who entered says it wasn’t, and Whitacre himself breaks down the process used when he first created the project. (At times, you can hear the slight overlaps of voices as they start to sing, creating this odd effect. At the risk of killing the vibe, the virtual representation of the people in that generic simulated background ruins it a little for me. The slow pan later on settles things down somewhat, making that a minor detail. (Listen though without watching and see if it isn’t a better experience.) Still, compelling no matter if you listen or watch. (Also, if you’re as good as the people in the clips, you can audition to be in his next work.)


shaun. said...

this is beautiful no matter.

but let me get this straight...all of the singers are separate youtube videos? cause amazing.

mtlb said...

All separate, all uploaded their own parts.