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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A different kind of agency grand opening.

Well, you won’t accuse of it being angry. What the hell do you do to launch an agency in Spain if you aren’t touting a major client win or mega talent poached from somewhere in New York or getting the New York Times to hump your leg? SING A HAPPY SONG. And get others to, too. Then get them to write why they’re unique. Honest&Smile has created a launch song slash website that is simple yet infectious in a way even a dark, brooding nihilist ad blogger could love.

Unlike the recent social media aggregation pornfest of most agency website makeovers, few do anything memorable to stand out in a simple way like this. BooneOakley did, and the almost craigslist-like layout of the rest of the site actually falls into that same memorable category for me.

Now, the only thing traditional here is the challenge facing any shop as far as longevity and clients go: Is there any *there* there.

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