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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garrett Morris is not senile.

The next shot fired in the battle of the Lite beers, Bud vs. Coors vs. Miller. The bridal registry one is cute and continues the YAGATS* 2.0 theme, but I like Garrett on the front porch. Playa! For SNL newbs, Garrett Morris was the oldest cast member of the original series.** Relegated to bit player status, he, like a few in the cast, would also have issues with drugs. When you watched him, he always seemed a little too cool for the show, and that you got the sense they didn’t know where to put him. Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and Chevy Chase came off like the favorite sons of the show who got all the skits. Based on his work since, Morris still seems to live in that supporting role niche too.

*Yes, All Guys Are This Stupid.

**Which, was originally on ABC as Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell. Ironically, SNL’s popularity forced ABC to come back a few years later with another incarnation called Fridays. A few members of that show went on to SNL and Michael Richards would go on to bigger things as Kramer.

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Craig Brimm said...

cool. did I spot Jamie foxx's new girlfriend at the end of that spot.