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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Give birth to your adopted child."

First, before I get slammed for hating on people who have no other avenue to turn to when it comes to conceiving, I don’t. Now, let us bask in the beauty of that call to action copy on Think of the benefits of adopting your own child: No longer worrying about shady lawyers with suitcases full of cash in dark parking lots. You control the time, place and well, not birth day per se, but, you get the point. Why does this feel like Minority Report, yikes. Maybe, we’ll get to the point where there’ll be no more worries either about whether that adopted kid would *fit* in to your little slice of heaven or not. (Small pets in the neighborhood that go missing—always a sign.) Thanks to generic engineering, one day those stories will be SO, well, 2010. For now, forget the nature vs. nurture debate because certainly *your* home will provide them all the love they need. Here’s to Grade A All-American eggs that come from Ivy League grads training for the 2012 Olympics.

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