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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Help wanted—input not needed.

Another reason rocks: It *always* provides you with the most relevant ads based on your profile—even when the job type, industry, and geographic area are completely different. The best part of this help wanted ad for a website redesign? Item number eight. Like a Gillette blade, it exemplifies the best a client can get:

Please allow this email to serve as a request for a talented, experienced Art or Design Director to redesign our firm’s website, [it’snotthatbadbutthat’


1. at least 5 years of experience

2. extensive advertising and graphic design knowledge/qualifications

3. a portfolio of work that was exclusively done by the consultant, as well as references

4. intuition/guts/imagination

5. common sense

6. integrity

7. articulate/attention to detail/follow best practices.

8. Most important: We do not wish to provide any real input or direction. In my mind, this eliminates a web designer because he/she would work with the ideas from either a marketing team or person. I want someone that’s sharp, intuitive, has advertising savvy, and will do all of the thinking and brainstorming for me. Can you put yourself in the shoes of an injured person and then design a website for that person. Know we have lots of content and a usability study will be completed at the beginning of the week.

If interested, please respond by email only (no phone calls, please), with a resume/portfolio, pay expectations, and anything else you believe is important. Can you answer the question people ask us, “why should we use your services?” Serious responses only.

While money is a consideration, the key factor is the RIGHT PERSON to develop a long-term relationship.

Your kind attention is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



(Tip, Corey.)

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