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Monday, March 22, 2010

I Design Your Logo. No, I mean, I will design it.

At first, you’re like, crowdsourced logos? No, it ain’t that. Can you make money offering to design a logo for a company in one day—for $2? Well, if he gets the full year booked, Dana at I Design Your Logo says he will make over $133,000+ in total accumulated fees plus whatever additional services clients add on to their projects. Averaged out, that’s $350 per, not bad for a company to pay and definitely more than what typical designers get for doing logos in most design firms. It’s a spin on the I Wear Your Shirt guy. (They’re friends.) He’s sold out through April and says he’s on track to fill the year. BOOK YOURS NOW.*

*Cue spin-offs like I Take Your Angry Client Call.

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