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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Money Shot of Tweets.

Download the show directly here.

Topics: Among other things, um, the money shot of tweets is when anyone on Twitter attending any conference tries to one up the rest of the marketing world with that To Die For money shot quote from the seminar they’re attending. Except that 75 other people are also tweeting the exact same quote. A quote more than likely already found on the speaker’s blog. As for the rest of it, I try and fill in for George Parker and capture the level of disdain he holds for the AAAA conference and its relevance in the industry. (There is none, far as I can tell. Certainly not to any small to mid-size shops coming up now.)

Also on the panel: Duane Forrester from Microsoft and ad law guy Michael J. McSunas of CB&S.


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