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Friday, March 5, 2010

Pepsi: One People—two spots.

Homage? Blatant rip? Who cares, it’s advertising, right? Anything goes! If you think it’s a rip, can’t blame the brand. They don’t know any better—never will. Otherwise, did TBWA\Chiat\Day take what Sour did and add enough of a twist to the execution?

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Dan Barron said...

Wow. Tough one.

Thought 1: If Pepsi is "giving away millions to move the world forward," they better make dang sure some of that loot goes Sour's way.

Thought 2: T\C\D did change things enough so probably, I guess, by the skin of their teeth, it should be legal.

Thought 3: From a creative pov, pretty scummy. T\C\D put some nice production values to it. Sour's--aside from originality--also has charm that Pepsi doesn't touch.

Thought 4: A rethink of thought 1. In a world a little idealer than this, Pepsi's spot would end with a callout to Sour. Isn't that what the classier musicians do when they play someone elses tune?