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Monday, March 1, 2010

Svedka fembots look to the future to recycle the past.

Channeling the Jackson 5, and the rest of the 70s, they have a new TV spot (on their site), that further recycles Chris Cunningham’s robotic creations originally created for A.I. and then later Bjork their current fembot theme.* Supporting this is the R.U. Bot or Not concept with a series of print ads done in-house, (previously handled by Amalgamated/NY), which echo disco funk with ya bad self.

Copy issues aside, my favorite part of all this isn’t just the continuation of world-class marketing speak from the brand, but Stuart Elliot in the New York New Times raving again: “Svedka joins a long list of distilled spirits that have started to use television as an ad medium in this country.” Better not tell the Captain and the 20 other spirit brands who’ve been living in TV land for the better part of the decade.

As for the dance, meh. I’ll admit I can’t do the robot, but the moves have been done better before. The song though, isn’t a bad remix. It would’ve been nice to integrate it within their site and make it available on iTunes. That simple trick usually escapes most brands, but especially in the spirits category which can’t let go of how it almost always promotes itself: TV > print > event nights with celebs. *yawn*

But at least Svedka’s cheaper. Value ftw!

*Yes, I will continue to beat dead horses when a brand claims the work they’re doing is completely original and it’s... not.

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