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Monday, March 8, 2010

That’s a wrap: Oscar stuff

For an event that’s one of the largest entertainment nights of the year (the other two being the Super Bowl and Grammy Awards), seems like ad land backs into this one under the radar. Too bad. Like the Grammys, some funny shit goes on now on Twitter throughout the entire event. (Unlike the Super Bowl where the emphasis is mostly on the commercials.) Then there‘s this...

- Oscars or SNL. Whatever laughter was there often turned to painful silence or cringe, especially during the “I love you man!” fest at the end. This being the recent trend where actors and actresses each have their bffs give them Inside The Actor’s Studio love—while standing 15 feet away. *cue awkward celebrities trying to not look embarrassed*

- Someone tell Sam Jackson the internet is always on.

- I only saw one integration of movie with purpose with the net. After The Cove won for best documentary, someone flashed a “Text Dolphin to 44144.” Politics usually find its way into the mix at some point, and that long with Katheryn Bigelow’s troop mention near the end was as heavy as it got.

- E-Online’s “revolutionary” ad platform on their Red Carpet site soundly trashed on last night’s Beancast.

- I thought last night during recording the podcast that Cablevision and WABC’s bitchfight might signal change in how service providers hold customers hostage, but now I think once the Oscars came back on in NYC, nobody will really care. Until the next time.

– Keanu sounded very un-Dude while Jeff Bridges really is The Dude.

- The Hurt Locker’s win as Best Pic and the discontent some soldiers have with it highlight the problem with film and even advertising. Sometimes to tell a compelling story, you can’t include every detail.

– I don’t ever want to see Jesse James cry again.

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