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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You must become like the wireframe.

Until only a few years ago, if you wanted a celebrity in your spot, and, oh, by the way, they were also dead, you had to rely on old footage and a whole lot of post. Cue Orville. Cue The Duke. Etc. Now, new mapping technology is making it possible for anyone to be born again—on screen at least. Next up: Bruce Lee. Yep. His daughter is considering approving the martial artist’s likeness to be used by Greenlight, a clearinghouse that licenses dead celebrities like Steve McQueen and Johnny Cash.

Avatar is just the next evolution towards the ultimate goal of the perfect actor: Someone who nails their lines no matter how may takes, doesn’t demand $20 million a picture, and who won’t be caught drunk and naked at Nobu. Couple this nearly almost perfect rendering of facial expressions with the public’s love of celebrities (dead or alive), and what you have is a brand’s wet dream.

Bruce Lee’s wireframe would still kick your ass though.

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