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Monday, April 26, 2010

Another cool thing someone did with Twitter.

What else to call it the movement, right? Previously, we had things like the Twitteratti being twitterati, shit my dad says, Marcus Brown’s Tweet Reading, and novels/screenplays/whatever being released 140 characters at a time. Memes are real hard to keep going though. The first week is cool. By week two you usually wonder what you got yourself into. (It also helps to be good at whatever your execution is.) Museum of Modern Tweets definitely puts a new spin on things, if not one better than those from a purely artistic point of view.

Illustrating someone’s tweets like that allows you to take certain liberties as you imagine aspects of a scene that 140 characters can’t do justice. Using celebrities? Genuis! Follow illustrator James Howlett III’s exploits on Twitter too. Hurry though before he gets that damned movie deal.

(As for Aimee Mann, she learned the hard way that tweets carry. NEVER FRONT T—HE’S VERIFIED. She has since kissed the ring.)

(Via American Copywriter.)

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