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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Apple: Putting the fan in fanatical.

I guess I just never saw someone high five over a release of Windows... anything.

Unless it was in an ad. Maybe he was a plant, but I’m guessing prolly not. Scan the rest of the CNN tech section though and notice something: The majority of iThis or that mentions would lead you to believe no other techware company exists besides Apple.

What’s that kind of fanaticism worth?

The $235 a share that has analysts drooling. The amount Microsoft spends to let you know they still dominate the market, but, can’t still can’t seem to shake the rep of their products? Forgiving the terse email stylings of iGod?

When you have the industry leader and the also-rans position their products (or subsequent releases) of same as iThis or that killers, what’s that worth?

To clarify, there is a mention of Microsoft there (the part about them suing someone). A lawsuit byline as counterprogramming? Genuis! And, Apple does throw its weight around to get what it wants.

The main difference though is that blunders, bullying or fanaticism aside, when it comes to its core product, Apple takes care of business. Whatever way you describe them: A perfect blend of form + function. Engineered cool. Expensive. (Okay, that’s more my list.)

Regardless, Apple is a brand that just works.

The times they’ve missed the mark? That owes itself more to mistiming rather than faulty products. Despite that, the brand thrives because it aims to create or redefine categories.

Pretty sure Apple knows what that’s worth.

(Nod to Cutters79 for story prompt.)

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