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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dr. Martens turns 50.

Via Dazed comes a new documentary on the history of what some have called the ugliest must-have fashion accessory brand, Dr. Martens. (The shoe was developed after a ski injury. DID YA KNOW?) For their 50th anniversary-slash-birthday, the brand loved by Russell Crowe and fashionistas alike asked 10 artists to cover 10 classic tracks in 10 videos. To that point, no brand can control what audience takes to it—good or bad. As such, DM has been associated with groups the good doctor never imagined. In that case, a brand has two choices, either ignore or embrace. Watching though, you get a sense that the brand has embraced all comers, regardless. And, because bands just have cooler shoes than you and me, this feels like a good fit for both sides: Each profile lists the particular pair the artist wears, along with offering a free download of each song. (First up is the Noisettes and Ever Fallen In Love.)


Andy Jukes said...

Nice to see Joey Shithead in there.

WPofD said...

I stand in board rooms filled with stuffy old white people. Skeletal remains of human beings. Angry old men and pissy women with pinched faces. I 'm there because the corporate fucks want me to speak to them about shit they cannot fathom. My suit. My shiny teeth and perfect hair. My polished report, complete with slides and facts and numbers. I stand and deliver wearing Docs.

mtlb said...

@AJ - I forget Russell was a stomper.

@WPofD - That's a campaign right there, friend.