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Friday, April 23, 2010

Microsoft tops everything in the world ever.

Cover your eyes and ears, here’s marketing stuff. A new survey out claims Microsoft is the leader in social media use in the workplace. I don’t even think Glenn Beck distorts things this much. If you wanna play in the metrics space though, I *suppose* you have to take a swing at a Nielsen every so often.

But really, some of the conclusions being drawn by the media covering it, hmmm:

“Microsoft tops
social media use.”

So, the total number of workers at Microsoft outnumber the rest of the world using social networks? That’s not what the report reveals though. (It’s only covers the U.S.) This is Reuters? *The* Reuters? They should’ve just concluded that Microsoft leads the world in general web use then.

The survey is pushed as a means of covering who’s using what site in the workplace, but it’s only half the picture.

Missing is the other half acknowledging or at least demonstrating an understanding of the symbiotic relationship that exists with customers using social media for customer service issues. That’s fancy Friday talk for saying they’re *probably* talking to someone in... a business. (No, that’s okay, just shout them out when you get the answer.)

What good is saying “men are 19% more active on social networks than women” if I can’t know why each is using them. Are they checking email? Following up with customers? Surfing NSFW content? Apparently, some are.

“The most social media-savvy in the world.”

That was my fav. Being on a few sites and knowing what to do on them are *kinda* two different things and certainly don’t make you savvy. Isn’t that like concluding because she sells a lot of singles, Britney Spears must be a great singer then? Whatever.

Still, this’ll get traffic if Reuters picked it up, but it also shows what’s wrong with the business now more than ever: No set standard on which to agree how to measure things.

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