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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Now I can watch TV online on my phone on my monitor on my...

I guess this falls under the category of sure we can, but do we need to?*

So I’m sitting in the Testosteroom™ watching the first night of NFL Draft online where ESPN and were streaming it live.** Rich Eisen comes on next and does a promo for the latest Verizon Motorola Droid iKnockoff that has iEverything (including free app for limited time).

He then talks about how you can watch anything anywhere and have up to the latest nanosecond coverage—almost implying a “before it even happens” type of coverage. (New top-secret feature of the phone—don’t ask.)

But as I saw this picture within picture being touted—literally and figuratively—I was like why?

Do I really need to have 24/7 access to... 24/7 access? It became this odd meta Escher data overlap of every single platform I could want giving me access—just because I *may* need it.

Is there really a calm that comes over me knowing they I can get ESPN six different ways if I needed to?

Yes, in times like these, there is.

Sure, each platform differs from the other in terms of sound and image quality and what we’re willing to accept in that regard. (I don’t expect surround sound and fury from a 3” screen the way I would a 42” plasma.)

But the important thing is that I have access to them all man.


* This of course being the unwritten principle of Apple products and things you never know you needed but man, just gotta have.

**This being the place I’m relegated to with my laptop after the main TV gets hijacked with episodes of House Hunters.

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