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Friday, April 16, 2010

Overheard internet.

Because internet comments are cool, honest and sad. In an unedited B-roll, straight to your monitor kinda way...

Suck it, ancient Greece.

I’m still trying to process the proposition that Ashton Kutcher is a master photographer. ”

sports star salary are the shame of capitalism, this is probably the one time i would embrace a communist society

@echo680 The very best thing is that you can watch any musicians performance through YouTube. Before you had to go to the show or concert, for those of us who are disabled and just can not get to or, could not sit for the the performance YouTube is fantastic.”

i consider “conservative” to be a dirty ‘c’ word.”

Just so we’re all clear... they’re drawing a parallel to f*cking, right?”

This was first concepted as a class project at Razorfish for Nissan...interesting how it was turned around to a phone campiagn.”

no...not even a finalist in the scammiest, sorriest awards show in town.”

Doubtless the trash child of liberal parents and a “progressive” Democrat school system. No discipline, no accountability, no respect for anybody else. Academia, media and entertainment - - the worlds in which this fat-slob idiot roams around in and is influenced by - - are all controlled by liberal Democrats. Congratulate yourselves, fellow citizens. You voted for this, AND, are funding it.”

MMA is FAKE !!! WWE is REAL HULK HOGAN can DEFEAT all of them in that room.”

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