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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pause before play.

But Bristol Palin does come from a famous family. I guess I’d be more inclined to believe in the struggle in this PSA if it didn’t already come with a support system or nanny. Or the suggestion that only rich families can provide love or support? Or come off as a lecture from a brand like Candie’s designed to get the attention of the opposite sex, followed at some point by a guy’s paws. Try the Jenny McCarthy, it’s equally as absurd. Another thing from a social net perspective (as well as a Blogger platform gripe because they stopped support for video uploads), you have to either view the clip on their site or embed Huff Post’s bullshit embed code with tons of extra crap. Really? Who’s running this campaign anyway? Good thing they spent all that money to spread the word but forget embed codes, let alone adding the video to their own YouTube channel.

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