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Friday, April 30, 2010

What’s with all the banks?

I got some work sent in from TDA for one of their clients (FirstBank), and it reminded me of a rant I had brewing. *slaps head* (It’s not about this work.) Nothing against them; it’s a nice dimensional execution of a point that I’ve been thinking about lately though: Why are there so many more banks now? Like, what the hell happened? Didn’t the bailout and closings thin the herd?

I move back to CT and there are literally four new Super Megaplex-O-Matic size banks near me now in addition to the ones when I left. For what? Here’s a Google streetview screengrab of a new TD Bank nearby. It’s the size of the Enterprise with parking to match. At night? It’s lit up more than the Vegas Strip.

So the question becomes, if more and more people are banking online, why do we A) Need so many more new physical locations and B) Why are they so damn huge? They’re not any more efficient from what I can tell. Do they really need a huge office to tell a customer they can’t have that car loan? For investment advice? E*TRADE it kids!



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